BCMA labor dispute

  1. Okay, so the liberals have now pissed off the docs as well. They are going to honor the 11 % raise doctors were awarded in the binding arbitration, but they won't be getting the additional 9% they were going to get this April. According to the gov't this amounts to an average raise of 50 000$ per doctor, which is why we have to pay more for our coverage.

    Docs are mad and in my town. Anesthesiologists, internists, pediatricians and ENT docs are all starting different types of job action. Internists and peds are reducing their call time to 1 in 5 from 1 in 3, which means we have no one to cover for them (we only have 3 pediatricians). Internists and anesthesia are doing the same, and anesthesia won't see anyone (unless it's a matter of life and death) on the weekends. That means surgeries are getting bumped. The ENT docs are withdrawing their services for elective cases and won't even treat life or death emergencies after April 2 (though I don't know that they do a lot of life and death surgeries). GPs are no longer willing to care for hospitalized patients who don't have regular doctors.

    What do you all think about this? On the one hand, I understand them being mad at having an imposed settlement like what happened to nurses. On the other I think 50 000$ isn't that bad of a raise when all the rest of health care workers are being slaughtered financially. I also don't like the fact that they are willing to even stop treating emergency cases (nurses never did this) and that they keep calling it "withdrawing their services", when anyone with a brain can see it is a strike. I am also sick of them saying it has nothing to do with money. Sure..... money has nothing to do with it. And I don't remember them being to upset when other workers had their contracts ripped up by the liberals....
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  3. by   Marijke
    As I understand it, the real issue is the cancelation of the rest of the binding arbitration. Under this agreement certain doctors would get more than others. This in an attempt to even things out a little. For example GP's in BC are among the highest paid in this country, while anesthesiologists are amongst the lowest. Under the binding arbitration the anesthesiologist would get more of the pie while GP's a little less. This sounds like a good thing to me, but of course our Liberal governement does not understand this logic.
    I do however agree with you that a $50,000 raise is not so bad and they should not complain to much. They all say it isn't about the money, but I know for a fact it is (it is all they seem to be able to talk about). Besides this they all voted Liberal during the last election (or most of them), so they are getting what they deserve!

  4. by   fergus51
    Originally posted by Marijke
    Besides this they all voted Liberal during the last election (or most of them), so they are getting what they deserve!

    One of our well known docs actually is a member of the Liberal party!!! He tore that card up in a hurry after this new deal:chuckle It's because they cancelled the binding arbitration that they won't get the other 9% due this April. I just can't seem to get real riled up when nurses are being crapped on daily, and maintenance, dietary, orderlies and all them are all losing their jobs or taking HUGE wage cuts. Not to mention the fact that hospitals are closing or losing services to bigger referal centers...