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  1. My wife and I are looking for a change in direction for our family which will involve her resuming her nursing career full-time. When she gave up nursing 10 years ago she was a top scale E grade and earned between 1000 and 1100 net per month. To allow us to progress with our plan we would like to know how much she is likely to earn net per month assuming an average income tax code. We have looked at the standard gross annual earnings but really need a better idea of take-home pay. Is 1500 an unreasonable amount to work on? All info gratefully accepted.
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  3. by   karenG
    I think she'd have to do a 'back to nursing' course first.. usually done locally at a college/uni- my friend did one at our local college of FE. As for starting pay- not sure! check out the pay scales on the rcn website. (I'm lucky if I know what rate I get paid!!!)

  4. by   boywonder

    Thanks for replying so quickly. She has already done a back to nursing course and is doing the occasional bank work. Needless to say they are only paying her a D grade.

  5. by   karenG

    well.....if shes done a back to nursing course, then its probably a D until she gains her feet again! not much pay though!

    agenda for change may change the pay... but for me the catch is, you lose all the extra duty payments. And I really dont believe our future pay rises will keep in line with inflation, never mind give us a decent living wage...............!

    Is your wife in the RCN? if so then start looking in the jobs thing that comes out bi-weekly. always seem to be loads of jobs going. Not sure where you live but I am sure there are oppurtunities.

    good luck.

  6. by   Silverdragon102
    I agree with Karen until your wife gains more up to date experience she would generally be paid a D grade (until agenda for change comes out) Another option is try for Practice nursing/district nursing which initially pays D/E but may quickly increase. I was lucky my one and only practice nurse job paid initially E and after 8 months of hard graft was increased to F grade

  7. by   UK2USA
    There is also the question of location to look at when you seek an answer to this question. I assume that you are not in London? Nurses here are eligible for a cost of living allowance which bumps up the salary by 200 per month. Most of the D grades I know here take home 1300 as a result. However, moving to London isn't worth the extra