Avian Bird Flu - Why the panic???

  1. What I want to try to do here is compile some news reports and resources to keep us abreast of this potentially lethal disease.

    Here is the link to the ABC's Catalyst program on Avian Bird Flu






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  3. by   suzanne4
    One thing that you need to also keep in mind, is how forthcoming the government is with info over here. The first case was "documneted" January 23, however they had positive viral titres on a patient several days before but were waiting for the cultures to come back. International NGOs requested to do testing earlier, but TH stated that our labs were up to international standards so they refused the offer. When they finally actually announced the first cases, they stated that they didn't have the proper testing equipment until then. They took tissue samples from people that had dies earlier in the month, but much later said that they couldn't be used because they were handled improperly. Then to top everything off, the Ministry of Agriculture made a statement the end of Jan. that they had been covering up the bird flu to protect the poultry industry.

    Today on CNN it is saying that two domestic cats have died of the disease from eating raw chicken and one exotic leopard at the zoo died from eating
    raw chicken.

    And they wonder why most of the public won't buy chicken.................
    They are putting money ahead of saving lives. Something is very wrong.
  4. by   gwenith
    Thank-you for that insight Suzanne. At the moment it is only a report in the paper to us and hopefully it will not become the menace that so many fear.
  5. by   Farkinott
    I belive a small order of panic may just well be indicated. Haven't you seen "One Flu Ovwr the Cuckoo's nest"!
  6. by   gwenith
    Quote from Farkinott
    I belive a small order of panic may just well be indicated. Haven't you seen "One Flu Ovwr the Cuckoo's nest"!

    All jokes aside I am keeping an eye on this one because the State Gvt in it's infinite has decreed that my unit will be the one to care for SARS/Bird flu. Reminds me of the chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"