Australian RN wanting to know about RN qualifications in USA

  1. I am a level 1.5 RN (hospital trained)in Australia and may soon have the chance to go to the States for 12-14 mths and would love to work over there. My question is does anyone know if my qualifications are transfereable, or know where I can find out.
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  3. by   Noahm

    I cant say that I know a lot about going from the Australia to the US except to find out what state that you will be living in and write to the state nursing board to find out what you will need to do to transfer your credentials. You will have to take the state nursing exam. I would start this process as soon as you know you are moving because it can take awhile. I trained in the United States and became licensed in Pennsylvania and shortly afterward moved to Britian. It took me 7 months from the time I arrived in Britain until I got my nursing license here sorted out. So that was seven months I was out of practice which is a lifetime for a newly qualified nurse. Anyway just make sure that you do your research before you move and start early!!!!
  4. by   Lindy
    Thanks alot Nicole. I have actually found the nurses board of where I might be going to and would you believe they don't have e-mail I have to remember how to use snail mail
    How are you enjoying working over there, alot of ppl I trained with went to England after we finished as well.
  5. by   bgkrider

    I think the best advice is to determine which state you are going to and contact the Board of Nursing there. Those addresses are all pretty available on the net. If you can't find one, let me know and I will give you the address.

    Depending on the state they will either have their own exam or be satisfied with the CGFNS Certification test and review. You can usually work for six months on an interim permit until you take and pass the NCLEX exam.

    Then there is the employment visa issue but you didn't ask about that so I won't launch into it - perhaps you know about that already.

    Good luck
  6. by   Ferret
    Hi All,

    I"m also an Aussie nurse looking for travel nursing work in the US, does anyone know an agency who handles that sort of stuff?
  7. by   suzanne4
    For any of you that wish to work in the US, whether via green card or temporary work permit, you must complete the Visa Screen process thru CGFNS. You are reuqired to submit the appropriate documents to them and take either CGFNS or NCLEX exam. Since you are from Australia, the English exams are waived. The process right now is taking about a minimum of 6 months. I would start working on that before doing anything else, because no one can hire you or start you working without the Visa Screen Certificate.

    If you have any further questions, yuo can send me a PM.
  8. by   Carlton
    You can't tranfer your licence of registered nurse in America without passing the CGFNS and NCLEX.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    This is a very old thread. You do not need to pass CGFNS exam anymore, there is only a handful of states that now require it