Australian nurse wanting to work in united states, which state?

  1. Hello
    I really want to work as a RN in the USA! I dont have a preference of state. i am truly happy to work ANYWHERE! i just want to experience working in the united states for several years and then come home. a little about me
    - i have worked in the United states before through a J1 visa and DO HAVE a social security number
    - i am a qualified Registered nurse in Australia and have been working as a nurse here for some time
    - i did NOT finish high school all those years ago. i went back to school later on in life and studied to become an enrolled nurse/LPN and then went on to become a registered nurse.
    - i believe i have all the clinical hour requirements required (peds,psych,med,geriatric,surgical ect) except for the Maternity/obstetrics components.

    now i have 3 questions.
    1) are my high school results really all that relevant and necessary? i went on to study as a mature aged student and am a qualified RN.. will CGFNS never accept my Nursing education without it?
    2) are there any states anyone knows of that will accept my Aussie RN course Without any midwifery/obstetrics education at all? (if not, i have already enrolled to do these hours at a university but this will delay me further). if it can be skipped for now i would be so relieved.
    3) WHICH STATE WOULD BE THE EASIEST? after completing my maternity hours this will be my question..... i seriously dont have a preference im just so ready for a location change i want what would be the easiest and fastest?? All of the USA Looks incredible to me. i have traveled to around 20 of the states and loved every single one!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    No state will allow you to sit for NCLEX without the required education and associated clinical experience in ALL areas.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Obstetrics is required so as mentioned in previous post it will need doing. All states require similar requirements and processing times are roughly the same. You really need to decide on where you want to live and work and then check out the state BON website for requirements