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The Telly is getting hotter again due to the Australian idols. Its starting but I can't specify my idol at this stage. Who is watching it closely. Dont tell me am sitting watching the Australian... Read More

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  2. by   gwenith
    Yes! She has an awsome voice.
  3. by   jayna
    Okay ....
    How are they going on. Haven't sat near the telly for eons.
  4. by   NurseRachy
    OHH - Time for an update!
    The only remaining finalists are
    Paulini, Shannon, Guy and Cosima.
    Milsy, or Rob was voted out last week and the week before that was Levi (damn it!)
    Getting interesting...
    I think a girl is going to win it.
    There has been much controversy when Dicko said that if Paulini wanted to wear figure hugging clothes then she would have to "drop some pounds" which was pretty mean and nasty in my opinion.
    Just a quick update - will come back and fill you guys in more when I am not so tired and something else has happened on the show.
  5. by   jayna
    Thanks NurseRatchy.

    I think Cossima will win this, shes great and Great voice.

  6. by   girloutnumbered
    hi there from N.Z. We've all been watching Australian Idols over here too. Looks as though we are right up to date from what you guys have posted as this week was done to the last 4. Is that what you guys are up to??
  7. by   gwenith
    I think we are a bit ahead of you so the $64,000 question is...... Do you want us to post the winner before you get to see it on TV???
  8. by   girloutnumbered I don't know!!
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    Originally posted by gwenith
    I think we are a bit ahead of you so the $64,000 question is...... Do you want us to post the winner before you get to see it on TV???

    Dont spoil the fun Gwenith.

    Gawd aren't we still in the 1900s here?????
  11. by   gwenith
    Latest news - Cosima has had to bow out of the competition.
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  13. by   gwenith,00.html

    End of the dream, as Cosima quits Idol
    By Toby Forage
    November 03, 2003

    THE producers promised drama, and last night Cosima De Vito provided just that as she reluctantly withdrew from Australian Idol.

    The Perth diva - who made the final three of the nationwide talent search on a second chance wild card - was forced to take herself out of the competition as a result of a condition that is affecting her voice.

    Fellow hopeful Guy Sebastian had been voted through already, so Cosima's withdrawal left Shannon Noll to join him in the grand finale at the Sydney Opera house later this month.

    The warning signs for Cosima were evident on Sunday night as she performed Tina Turner's River Deep Mountain High, her second song of the evening.

    Her voice crackled throughout and at one stage, she opened her mouth to produce nothing as her voice disappeared altogether.

    Judge Mark Holden had remarked earlier that he had been hearing a huskiness in her voice across the past few weeks. "Are you coping all right?" he asked her, to which she replied,"Yes". It is evident now that the 26-year-old was simply putting on a brave face.

    Cosima announced her decision live on stage through a statement written on a crumpled piece of paper. She bravely gritted her teeth and broke the news.

    "Unfortunately, I have a temporary condition that's affecting my voice," she said. "It's forced me to make the decision to leave the competition.

    "This has been the most difficult decision of my life. But the next few weeks are going to be very, very intense with touring and recording and I am not sure that I can give 100 per cent and that my voice is going to hold up."

    With those words, and with the audience and judges Mark, Ian Dickson and Marcia Hines in stupefied shock, Cosima's Idol journey was over. But she did close with a defiant statement for her fans.

    "Australia, watch this space, because I'll be back very soon."

    Only 0.08 per cent separated the nation's preference for Cosima or Shannon, but in the end, it mattered not who was on the right side of that differential. From the look on Shannon's face, he believed he was the one on the dark side, but Channel Ten refused to confirm if that was the case.

    Cosima won the hearts of the nation with her transformation from the shy girl that sang through an intense stare under bushy eyebrows to the disco diva that sent pulses racing with racy outfits and soaring performances.

    She admitted recently to failing to secure a record contract in New York prior to the Idol process because she could not guarantee a fanbase in Australia.

    That is the least of her worries now as she embarks on an intense course of rehabilitation for her tattered and tired vocal chords.

    There can be little doubt, though, that along with the winner of Australian Idol - be it Shannon or Guy - a fully recovered Cosima will be capable of gracing the record shop shelves alongside the Delta's and Tina's she admits to so admiring.