Associate Degree Nursing program in philippines, TESDA accreditation

  1. hello, my name is alan and i am a pre-nursing student in the united states and right now, i am doing my pre-reqs for the nursing programs for the nursing programs where i live in california.

    my question is that, some of my options for the nursing programs will include going to school in the philippines to get my adn. i am wondering if i complete the nursing program over in the philippines, if any of the units that i will earn in that nursing school will be transferable to an american university

    the accreditation body in the philippines that accredits this school is called the [color=#0000de]technical education and skills development authority (tesda). (

    the nursing school is called "the american international nursing institute" (

    do i need to be wary about these nursing programs and this is a 'ladderize" nursing program

    thank you
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Philippines does not recognize an ADN as a professional nurse. I believe you have to graduate from a program that is the level required to be a RN so going to Philippines and getting an ADN won't be enough to sit for the NCLEX.

    Why not call the Board of Nursing in the state you wish to practice to get your answers. Also once you complete the program it may take months before you get permission to sit for the Boards.

    If you want to practice in the USA go to school in the USA. You make save tuition money elsewhere, but when you factor in the months you have wait to take the NCLEX and have a high statistical change of not passing the first time I bet you will have little savings.
  4. by   aabsalon
    Nurses in the USA who have an ADN can practice nursing though. I understand that the philippines doesnt recognize an ADN as a professional nurse but, however, I will not be practicing in the philippines. I will be practicing in the USA.
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    Once again check with the BON you will be applying, since the program is in the Philippines and their lowest level of education to be a professional nurse is a BSN. If you want to go the ASN route attend school in the USA.
  6. by   Nurse!Nurse!Hello?
    Quote from aabsalon
    Nurses in the USA who have an ADN can practice nursing though. I understand that the philippines doesnt recognize an ADN as a professional nurse but, however, I will not be practicing in the philippines. I will be practicing in the USA.
    In the USA, the Associate's degree is recognized as the entry level degree to practice as an RN (not including the old hospital-trained diploma nurses.) The Philippines requires a BSN as the entry level degree to practice as an RN. Therefore, that is what is required by the US for people educated in the Philippines.

    I looked at the links you provided in your post. It sounds like the program itself is an online training program, with a clincal component. At the end of the program, you end up with a degree that is not even recognized by the government there! I find it hard to believe that any online nursing program would offer a quality education; so much of the learning in nursing programs takes place in a classroom, where you can ask questions, discuss topics with other students, etc. The whole thing sounds very shady to me.

    The accreditation agency, TESDA, also accredits welders, housekeepers, etc. This makes me very suspicious about how valuable that particular accreditation is. I don't know who oversees nursing programs in the PI, but I am sure it's not TESDA!

    My opinion is that the whole thing sounds very questionable. I'd hate to see you waste your money and end up with a worthless piece of paper. You would be much better off going to a community college in the US with an approved program and getting an Associate's degree.
  7. by   aabsalon
    I talked to a university counselor and he told me that as long as the California board of nursing recognizes that nursing program in the philippines and the board lets you take the nursing board exam, then I will be able to enroll in an RN to BSN program here in the USA.

    Do you think any nursing board in the USA will let me sit for the NCLEX-rn exam if I go through that program in the philippines?
  8. by   aabsalon
    Will the state boards of nursing let me take the NCLEX if i do this program in the philippines?
  9. by   juan de la cruz
    I know that there are other schools in the Philippines offering Associate's degree programs in Nursing. A few of the problems that popped up for US nationals who graduated from such programs is the inability to sit for the NLE which is the National Licensure Exam for RN's in the Philippines because the degree does not meet eligibility requirements (only graduates of BSN programs can sit for the NLE). Because your training is in a country outside of the US, some BON's require passing this NLE and having a Philippine RN License prior to receiving eligibility to sit for the NCLEX. California at one point did not require passing the NLE for foreign nurse graduates but recent applicants have anecdotally stated that California is now included in the states with such requirement. It is difficult to find that information in their BON website but be aware that rules can change at any moment so the best thing to do is to check with the BON by calling their toll free number and getting the answer directly from the source.

    Even if you find BON's that would allow you to take the NCLEX without having a Philippine RN License, another issue that may emerge is whether this program meets equivalency with US programs. Unfortunately, many BON's are now using third parties in reviewing school credentials (such as CES, a service offered by CGFNS) and many of these agencies can easily say that this program is substandard and does not meet eligibility requirements for US licensure. Realize then that it is quite a gamble for you to enroll in this program and have a 100% expectation that you will be licensed as an RN in any state in the entire US when you graduate. That to me is playing with your future too much without having a full guarantee that your expectations will be met. But the decision is definitely up to you.

    On another interesting note, that school offers a Master's degree program in Nursing leading to a Family Nurse Practitioner track. That is really fishy in my opinion. There are no formal nurse practitioner roles in the Philippines by law. If this program is aimed at producing graduates for the US job market, the school better ensure that graduates can find a BON in the US that would grant nurse practitioner licensure or certification to its graduates. That might be a difficult task for this school to accomplish but I could be wrong.
  10. by   Ginger's Mom
    You need to take to the BON yourself. There is no online nursing program for initial licenser in the USA. New York has external degree program which is accredited, but you need clinical experience as a LPN, para medic , etc and not all states recognize the program and won't issue licenses.

    I would highly doubt you would be able to sit for the NCLEX, since you have to show a local license or a reason why you could not sit for the license ( such as not being a Philippine Citizen) in many states. You would not be able to meet this criteria.

    If you can't afford a community college, why not get your LVN and then you could work while you get your RN ? That is done commonly and it widely accepted in the USA. Also you need to get your LVN in the USA.
  11. by   Nurse!Nurse!Hello?
    Quote from aabsalon
    Will the state boards of nursing let me take the NCLEX if i do this program in the philippines?
    Ummm...didn't you read the first paragraph of my previous comment, in which I already answered the question??
  12. by   jstacruz
    hey did you ever signed up for that school AINI? if you did go to that school, hows your experienced with them?