Are any of you a Registered Nurse First Assistant

  1. Are any of you a Registered Nurse First Assistant

    -if so can you provide some information
    -where did you do your schooling
    -are you practicing RNFA or RN role only
    -is money better than RN
    -what are your hours like
    -any info. would be appreciated
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  3. by   frannybee
    What IS a Registered Nurse First Assistant?
  4. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    They are RN's who assume different responsibilities than those of a scrub nurse. S/he provides support to the surgeon at the operating site by assisting (ie: prep pt, position, suturing, clamping, etc)...under the direction of the surgeon.

    Must have 5 yrs. exp. in OR prior to apply for the certificate course. It is less than a year re: theory but many hours (OR) for clinical hours.

    Only been in Canada since 1993-4. Not many that I know of who are practicing. British Columbia Institue of Technology has the course (BCIT).
  5. by   frannybee
    Having never been in an OR except as the one on the table, it's clear now why I didn't know
  6. by   OzNurse69
    I don't think we have them here in Australia - not employed by the hospitals, anyway. I used to scrub with an orthopaedic surgeon who had an RN who helped him - I think the same sort of role - but he employed her, not the hospital.

    However, since my last stint in OT was as a new grad (I hesitate to admit this)......14 years ago!!.....things may have changed since then??
  7. by   renerian
    Interesting. I did not know about this position. I love to learn about new things like this!

  8. by   Ferret
    G'day All,

    I've worked in two different hospitals in Sydney that have RNFA's, St George Private and Royal North Shore Public Hospital. They are around, just rare. The work as CNS's in the public and are linked to a particular surgeon in the private, and at this stage are not eligable for a Medicare Provider Number, making them reliant on the surgeon for payment for their work. Oh well, it's a start. I'm sure that over time the position will be formalised and recognised more here.