APPLICATIONS! Please, please help

  1. Hey there. I have been considering migrating to Aussie land after all that is happening now. I have questions about the applications for AUSTRALIAN NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL, NURSES BOARD OF VICTORIA, AND DIMIA.

    Kind souls out there, pls. help:spin:. I did check out the other threads in this forum and can't get SPECIFIC answers so pls. enlighten me!

    1) For the professional reference letter (for most recent or current employer), would it be okay to put "ongoing" as my employment is still ongoing while i apply? I mean, since they ask MONTH AND YEAR FINISHED, what should i put there? Does this mean when my employer writes the letter, he states that i am still working for them?

    2) If a document consists of more than one page (i.e. transcript of records- 3 pages), do ALL pages (1,2, & 3) of the document need to be certified (of course by those allowed to certify by ANMC)?

    3) Can you get different people to certify your documents (like some documents certified by legal practitioner then some other documents certified by notary public..then the DECLARATION signed by another different legal practitioner)?

    4) Can ANY legal practitioner do the certifying?

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  3. by   AusNurse2B
    1) Yes, it is a letter that references your work. Competancy, work ethic and all that! ANd yes, put still current, although your cover letter will probably state that anyway!

    2) Do all pages

    3 & 4) Anyone who is authorised can sign, it does not have to be one person doing all. If you are unsure as to who can sign (it may be different over here to there) get in touch with the person you are applying to.

    Good luck with your application, it is really nice over here!!