anyone took NCLEX in guam?

  1. Im planning on taking my NCLEX this MAY. Fortunately, Guam is the answer.

    Anyone took NCLEX in guam? can you recommend hotels, agencies etc that would be helpful for my guam adventure? your replies will be of great help to me... hope to hear from you guys soon.

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  3. by   vonjex
    i took the nclex at saipan last january and got the lowest price i could find at a travel agency. pm me for the telephone number.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Guam and Saipan are two very differnent islands and require even different visas to go to. Guam actually required a full US Tourist visa. Saipan which is part of the Northern Marianas islands requires just a special three day visa.
  5. by   mtjmnov
    Hi devshop I thought you will take the exam in Saipan, try flywise travel tel no. 6433461. Look for Sheila she is very accommodating.
  6. by   devshop
    hi mtjmnov... yes i was planning on taking NCLEX in saipan... but last time I checked, Guam has available dates earlier than June... and then, this morning, I checked saipan again, and fortunately, i found a slot that fits my needs. hehe... so, im back to saipan again.. thanks though to your reply. i'll be leaving with my dad and i guess saipan is easier to go to than guam since my dad doesnt have a tourist visa. and now, my worry is not the test date anymore... but the booking in continental airlines. waaaah!!! i hope i can review well enough...
  7. by   mtjmnov
    Hi, I hope this helps and I hope I am right, it is cheaper to get a package than buying a ticket & book online, I asked travel agencies about it. I called continental airlines to check if they indeed are correct, I asked for the fare it's $800+ roundtrip. It is better if you book as early as tomorrow coz the cheapest package is no longer available. My exam is in April too, I booked 2 weeks ago and I have to add $60 from the original rate and if that booking class if full, you have to upgrade and add $120.
  8. by   devshop
    hi there. i called pearson vue just a while ago, and i got a slot in hong kong! ill be taking my NCLEX in may11. im so happy right now.

    and mtjmnov.. thanks for the info ha... good luck to us!