Anyone here from Townsville/North QLD?

  1. Hello Everyone

    I was just wondering if anyone here is from Townsville or North QLD? I am a third year student (external through Charles Darwin Uni) and have just moved to Townsville. Hope to chat with other students or nurses in the area.

    Regards Tracy
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  3. by   gwenith
    Welcome Tracey - I think you might be the furtherest north!!! Got some Central Queenslanders who pop in from time to time. Couple of Brisbanites - including me
  4. by   Richo
    Hi Gwenith, Brissie is home for us, but we did not get posted back there from the Northern Territory instead ending up in Townsville. It is a nice place here but I am a little worried how I will go when I finish this degree. Because I am from CDU, I feel that I will have some trouble competeing for a position in the Main hospital here as they have a uni (JCU) that they work closely with. I went to join the hospital library and was told I could not borrow books from the library, because I am not from JCU, although I told them that I am doing a 14 week prac there this year and plan to work there aswell all going well. I am feeling more isolated here now because I do not know any other students in my position. I have done my degree externally all the way and should be used to it by now! Anyway sorry to jabber on so what sort of nursing do you do and are you enjoying it?

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    Welcome Tracey - I think you might be the furtherest north!!! Got some Central Queenslanders who pop in from time to time. Couple of Brisbanites - including me
  5. by   gwenith
    What I would do is contact CDU and tell them - they should have some degree of reciprocity with JCU - that will give you some library privileges - I would also look at getting a job - any job part time with the state hospital - that will get you even more privileges and should open the door to the UQ databases and information.

    There are also a LOT of resources here on this website - just check out the student nurses forum - there is a "sticky" thread at the top of that forum that is student nurse heaven

    I am an ICU nurse and I do enjoy it!!!
  6. by   Richo
    Yeah I have joined the JCU uni library and it is really good but I was looking for some books on ethics at the time which they didnt hold, so I went to the hospital library who did have the book and that was when I ran into a problem but its ok because I photocopied what I needed. I was just a bit annoyed that jcu students can access the hospital library but they wouldnt allow me to join. I am currently working on a health sociology subject and have to do an assignment on the sociology of the nurse practitioner and where they are at today.So I will have to go looking for some more books as I have not found alot in the text books on this as they are a reasonably new profession. Anyway will keep battling on and thanks for your reply it is good to have someone to chat to!
  7. by   gwenith
    No problems - thing is once you are working as a nurse at a QLD public hospital you suddenly have library access equivalent to a masters student which means they will import books for you!!

    The sociology of the nurse pratitioner huh??? Tough assignment - do you have access to CINAHL??

    Hmmm since most of our nurse practitioners are rural I would check out the CRANA website also look at both the ANF and QNU sites to see the union stance. I have included all of those sites in the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum.
  8. by   Richo
    Thanks for that i will check out those sites. This is probably one of the hardest assignments I have had to do. oh well only 3 assignments after this one and one exam and that is all my theory finished!!! woo hoo.

  9. by   gwenith
    Tracey - check out the Nurse practitioner forum here as well - that will give you insight into how it works in America. Since we often follow the American model.
  10. by   Farkinott
    I too am from Townsville! I have sent you a pm
  11. by   Richo
    Hi there, I know this sounds silly but how do I find the pm? I havent been using the site very long so apologise for my vagueness. Could you please send it again if possible? Thanks heaps.

  12. by   gwenith
    Yu can either click on the quick links or use the bar at the top where it says Pms
  13. by   Richo
    Thanks Gwenith, I found it. I am a bit thick when it comes to these groups as you can see!

  14. by   Torachan
    No. I am not from townsville