Anyone done the access to nursing course

  1. :behindpc:Hi as some of you may know I have applied for 3 posts as a health care assistant, but I am wondering if I don't get any of these posts should I try for the Access to nursing course a college. When I have looked intot his it is a 1 year course which can then lead to a degree or diploma over 2 years at uni.

    I am 29 now and not sure how the job market is flowing but there seems to be a lot of interest in the posts I have applied for this is why I have doubts. I would be greatfull if anyone could shed any light on whether this course is worthwhile or I should attempt to go straight for a degree/ diploma??

    TY all
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  3. by   pizzalover
    Hi there,
    I am doing a one year Access course to Nursing,I have started in September. We are studying subjects such as:IT,Maths,Anatomy,Physiology,etc.,they will also teach us interview techniques,study skills,etc.
    I find it very interesting and educational.
    At first I was a bit apprehensive about doing this course,but I am learning quite a lot of things,and hopefully I will receive my certificate at the end of it.
    As far as University is concerned,I have been told by the tutor that after this one year course, is 3 more years at University for a Diploma in Nursing.
    If you choose to study towards a Degree in Nursing,you would have to sudy 4 years at University.
    Good luck to you with your decision.

    By the way I am 37 and I am glad that age is not a problem.They actually welcome application from mature students like myself.
    There is a lady in my class that is 50.It is never too late to start learning.
  4. by   Luelle
    Thanks pizzalover, would you mind if I ask how you are funding your living costs as I know most colleges have the course funded by the NHS. Living costs are a sticking point for me as I have a 3 year old and a house (then dont we all have bills lol) and any information you could give me would be very much appreciated :smilecoffeecup:
  5. by   pizzalover
    Hi again,
    the college course I am doing is in the evening,so I can work in the morning,I have saved up for a year before I could apply for the course at college,as it is quite expensive.
    But I know that if you receive any means tested benefits( i.e. income suport,housing benefit,etc.),you wouldn't have to pay for it,all they ask you to pay I think is something like 30.The best for you to do is to contact your local college and ask what sort of financial help they offer.
    Try to go on the website of the college where you live and they might have informations about financial help and courses.

    Also have a look at the UCAS website for financial help, at University.
    At University (for the 3 year Diploma course),you would receive an NHS bursary for the duration of the course.I believe you would be entitled once at University with help towards rent and council tax being a student nurse.
    Bye and wishing you all the best.