Any UK nurses sitting CRNE in Feb 2007?

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    I am an RN from England who is sitting the CRNE exam next week in Toronto. I have an amazing friend who is sitting in Vancouver and would really like to make contact with anyone who is going to be going through the same thing as us next week. Please drop me a line or an email. xx
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  3. by   hjfrn
    Good luck Livermets. I sat the CRNE in October 2005 after training in the UK. Let us know how you get on.
  4. by   roll_69
    Im originally from the Phils. but working in London UK for 3 years now. I'll be sitting the CRNE tom. here in Saskatoon Sask...based on the review materials I've got, it looks very basics and more on theoretical questions.,, I think NCLEX is much tougher, but you dont need to spend the whole day finishing the exam which is about 240-260 questions. I finished NCLEX in just 1 1/2 hrs. with 86 questions...another frustrating facts is that the result will come out in 2-3mos. time..I got my NCLEX results in 2 days!!!! Whats going on with the Canadiens??? They're lagging behind...
  5. by   abcotta

    Today I sat for the CRNE. It was more difficult than I thought. I am hopeless to pass the CRNE.
  6. by   livermets
    Hi - did you sit on feb 7th? Why do you think that you have failed? Thought the exam wasn't hard so much as just silly - so many questions have no real test of nursing skills and knowledge - loads of generalised situation stuff which is diffciult to answer as will be marked subjectively - is this the same for you?
  7. by   abcotta
    Yes, I did. I walked out like :trout: . I had no idea if I would pass or fail. Even if I fail, I don't know how to prepare. You know what I mean? I try to forget about it. Hope we both luck for the results. How did you feel about short answer questions?
  8. by   irishnurse44
    hi, I am considering moving to Canada, currently working in the UK. What's the best place to start looking into emigrating. Contacted an agency but they were looking 3000!!!