Any Filipino nurse who wants to share her experience working in a Phil. hospital?

  1. Hi good evening!

    Been reading for quite some time now. However, ive read only one thread touching on the experience of a Filipino nurse working in a Philippine hospital and it was titled "MY SO CALLED OR LIFE" (hope i got this right).

    Im a third year 2nd deg student and im really interested to know the experiences of Filipino nurses in our own hospitals. Aside from the salary issue, i'm interested to know about the nurse-patient relationship, what about the doc-nurse relationship, hospital policies and how they are making your life harder or easier,hospital conditions, being a nurse in a government hospital or a private one, equipment, the emotional rewards, etc, etc....

    I hope somebody can share his/her own personal experiences from which we, students can learn from.

    You see, I want to work in our own country for 2-3 years before applying in another country.
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  3. by   charli
    that will be good for you nanay bcoz working 1st here in our country will make you competent and skilled unlike going abroad empty handed and so what will happen next will be.. your employer might advise you to go home if you failed the trainings.. im 2 years working as staff nurse and presently a part time clinical instructor but frankly,still planning to work abroad. but i am happy serving our kababayans despite of low salary if i may say and gladly teaching our future nurses. 'still praying for nursing job abroad.. Goodluck to us! May God bless us all always
  4. by   yeljet
    I've worked in one of the biggest training hospitals in the country situated in the heart of Manila.

    It took me about two years to wait for a vacancy. Their selection process was really tough (Board Rating of 80% and above, qualifying exam, return demonstrations, panel interview, graduating class ranking, etc).

    It's a good learning environment working with the best Residents and Consultants in the country. We address our colleagues as sir and ma'am regardless of ranks.

    I was assigned in the ER (busiest). Seniority is really a big deal, even a day counts. If you're a junior you get the first half of the patients averaging from 25-30. They rotate your assignments from pediatrics, medical, surgical, EENT, and a 5-bedded Special Care Unit. The seniors obviously can choose which area they want to work.

    Now that I'm working abroad, if they assigned me six patients, you won't hear me moan. I just say to myself that I've been there, done that!
  5. by   nanay
    Thank you Charli and yeljet for your responses.

    I myself would like to work in better hospitals in the Philippines. I believe it will help me to be competitive.

    When I started my nursing studies, i thought i can just take things easy and not let the pressure of getting high grades (if not the highest) bother me. But I guess with thousands of nurses who are looking for jobs here in the Philippines, one should stand out by getting the best evaluation while in nursing school.

    Goodluck to both of you. Charli do drop by a note if youre THERE already.

    Good day every one!!!
  6. by   Lone Stranger
    Yeah sure, why not? I will withold the name of the hospital, of course, given the politics of this biz. But lately I been doing duty in the DR and been racking up a noble amount of assists, catches, and records. And this I will tell you: it's rough.

    At no point in my life have I ever gained such an appreciation for the difficulties experienced by women in childbirth. Had me asking myself why the blazes anyone would want to have kids at all. This experience compounded by the general effects of antihypertensives murdered my libido.

    I am hopeful, however, that I will get used to the DR experience and regain the lost S-drive.
  7. by   viena
    if you are in the phil and a student nurse been in several rotation of duty at diff hospitals given the chance to interact with the staff nurse that works there as well pts from all walks of life that should answer your questions but make sure to have the exposure not only on hospital for the rich and famous but also for the poor if you want to get the real thing.