Anxiety and Occ Health

  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has experience of this. I am due to qualify as an adult nurse in September and am worried about dealing with occupational health. I have struggled with anxiety since childhood and have seen counsellors, been on medication (albeit for depression) and had time off work in the past.

    I have not had any NHS treatment (just 'off the record' counselling through my university) or discussed this with my GP for 4 years. Counselling has been extremely helpful and I prefer talking therapies to meds but my counsellor wants me to ask for amitriptyline from my GP. Of course, he may not agree but that's another matter.

    I am worried what occupational health would think of all this. I don't want it to affect my chances of a job, especially with things the way they are in my local trust. I am now too paranoid to talk to the GP about this as the conversation would go into my records and may have to be disclosed to occ health. I have worked for a nursing agency and they knew my history and of course I was open with the university and got onto my course but I can't help worrying.

    I have done well in my placements and studies and feel able to cope with the demands of the job but getting through it all just takes so much out of me and some medication may help me cope.

    I would appreciate any comments,

    Thanks, fin.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Don't worry, OH is there to protect both you and the hospital. Answer questions truthfully and they will probably have to contact your GP but wouldn't lie as may come back and kick you in the a***. I had to see a psychiatrist at one point in my life and saw them twice, had no problems when I applied for a few other jobs
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    oh and welcome to the site
  5. by   sofaraway04
    I'd say that you need to be honest with occupational health. they are not the enemy (took me a while to realise this). I have just qualified jan 2007, and was cleared by occy health to start work. i had in total 10months off sick due to mental health problems during my training, this did not count against me.

    As long as you have had/are having treatment you are actively addressing the problem then you shouldn't have any problems. unless you are acutely unwell, which it doesn't sound like you are.

    if you do not disclose the information and then have problems when you start working it can be grounds for dismissal (i haven't known of this happening but it is possible).

    if you want to talk in more detail then send me a message
  6. by   Finsecker
    Thanks guys,

    It's good to hear a positive story, sofaraway, I hope you're doing well in your new post. I wasn't planning on lying at all but I can honestly say at the moment that I've not seen my GP in the last 4 years regarding my mental health. In my experience, that is one question that's often on health forms.

    I presume it's true that the employer (ie the ward) wouldn't know about the details of any health check, just whether you've been cleared to work or not. Is that other people's understanding?

    Thanks for the welcome and for replying.

  7. by   XB9S
    I was taking antidepressants when I had my occi health assessment for my last job. Occi health were fine they documented it and offered support if needed.

    Be up front and it shouldn't be a problem
  8. by   sofaraway04
    yep you are right the ward manager will be told that you are either fit to practice, or not currently fit to practice. occupational health won't give any details to the ward. it would be up to you if you chose to tell your manager anything.

    good luck
  9. by   Finsecker
    Thanks for the advice, it's really useful to hear people's personal experiences. I do feel less worried now. I'll come to allnurses with all my problems from now on. Get ready!