American Nurse wanting to work in South Africa

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am an currently an LPN going to school for my BSN, I finish this December and I would like to go work in South Africa when I'm done. First of all are American BSN's recognized in South Africa, second what's the process of getting a license from The South African Nursing Council, the website doesn't give very good instructions. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    My first thought is Why? The crime rate (both personal and against property) is sky high and only expected to get worse.
  4. by   pyocianik
    I agree with Fiona59. Here in DRC I work with paramedics from SA and they tell me the same story: pay isn't good, crime rate is straight horrendous, life expensive and getting worse if you got kids. Schoolsystem is going down the drain in the public sector, semi-private scools are expensive and private schools are REALLY expensive in regard to what you earn as a nurse. Corruption is rife throughout all levels of the public sector...
    I'd be you, I'd give some REALLY serious thought about emigrating there, despite the country being marvelous for a lot of other reasons, first of all it being Africa.
  5. by   amye88
    Just wondering if you ever went through with the process of becoming a nurse in South Africa. If so, how? Currently considering doing the same. Thanks!