Agency Nursing in Australia

  1. I am traveling from California to Sydney this year for a 6 month minimum assignment thru a travel agy. I will do the same in London next year. I have all the info - just looking for general opinion on which agency I should go with? I appreciate the input.
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  3. by   renerian
    I can't help you but I am completely jealous! I want to go there so bad I can taste it. CAn I ask what agency your with? I wanted to travel there but the fees for work visas were so high I could not afford it.

  4. by   Gypsygrrrl
    dont know which agency specifically but most of them sponsor your visas ...
  5. by   zdatny
    Ther are several agencies, most operate at the local level,in Capital cities.
    Here are some that advertise in the NSW nursing association
  6. by   Gypsygrrrl
    thanks for the info
  7. by   renerian
    I wanted to go there as a private citizen and not as an agency nurse. I wanted to work in Coffs Harbour at Baringa.