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  1. by   choco_overload
    in any site or account wherein you need to enter a username and password, i think it's but natural not to let anybody know your username and password. that is because you need to protect whatever information you may have placed there. if you give them your username and password then they would have total control of your account. i wouldn't sign with that kind of angency. just my POV...
  2. by   Aquarian
    Thanks for sharing, guys!

    Just an update: I wrote the head of the agency with CC to the staff that I don't really see the need to give my PW and UN since I was the one who paid for all CG services I ordered and have been regularly following up my VSC release ( thanks to Suzanne and Lawrence who encouraged me to take my stand on this ).

    This morning I received a letter of apology from the chief of the agency. He asked me to disregard the distressing emails sent earlier and said that the staff who demanded my UN and PW was not aware that I already have the docs they need from CG since majority of their recruits are just starting to apply for the VSC. They will reimburse payments for the CES, VSC, NCLEX, IELTS, and BON Endorsement. But, they are not getting my password and username anymore.:wink2:
  3. by   suzanne4
    Quote from josie1
    Yes Floridabound, my trust level had gone up with my current agency and their immigration Attorney when the Previous agency ( One of the BAD Ones!- they even closed down! I waited 3+ years etc... but thats another sob story! ) I was with really messed up and I needed to reproduce everything within a deadline for New employer!

    My new agency& their immigration Atty really went the Extra mile for me so I didnt have to pay anything more out of pocket PLUS they got it done in 2 DAYS! because of their access into the CGFNS ( Accredited agency) system.

    My New agency got me up to this point ( Where i am just waiting for my visa bec. of retrogression) where my other agency kept on fumbling for 2 years with the initial filing!
    With results and service I get now- I trust my agency/ immig. Atty completely! Plus they Let me Study, review the contract for a week and they DID NOT WANT ME to SIGN Unless I was Totaly comfortable with the terms. They are just fair and very transparent! So yes -I trust them w/ my user name & password!

    Sorry, but they do not have any special access to you file other than what you had. Just because the other agency never did anything, this agency did not do anything amazingly fast, the information was already there.

    It is anyone's choice as to what to do with their username and password, sure if the agency paid the fees, then they should have the access. But if the nurse paid it, the agency does not need the access, the nurse can send the agency whatever they need. You would not give your username and password from your bank acct to someone that asked for it, why should this be any different?
  4. by   choco_overload
    ^ right... my stand as well....

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