Advice on OIIQ for assessment and evaluation for someone from the Philippines

  1. hello everyone! i am new in this forum and i wish somebody from the philippines could help me once i get there in quebec. i am applying for the quebec nursing program and i already mailed all my requirements to OIIQ for assessment and evaluation. my visa consultant said that i will wait 3-4 months for my decision letter to arrive which will tell if i am in the 40days or 5months integration program. i graduated 2009 and i have one year experience in hospital. do you think i should fall in the 40 days training? are the hospitals there giving you salary for that 40 days training? because they said that you will prepare for your tuition amounting up to 600, 000 pesos if you fall for the 5 months training. PLEASE NEED INFOS FROM YOU GUYS. GOD BLESS
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    Have you already applied for a Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC)?

    Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate while waiting for your OIIQ registration. That's what I'm doing right now. You can read more about this in the Immigration Quebec website.

    600,000 PHP ($13,000 CAD) is no joke. What if for some reason you did not pass your OIIQ registration? OIIQ exam has two parts; the Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) and written section (short answer). If you pass that then you still need to pass the french exam for you to be completely registered as a nurse in Quebec. And based from the statistics that I've seen, it is not very favorable for us IENs who are not fluent in the french language.

    This is the second time that I've heard that an immigration "agency" in the Philippines have recommended their clients to register to the OIIQ and then acquire a student visa. While this is completely legal and acceptable, the money involved in this process is way to costly for us nurses here in the Philippines.

    Please do yourself a favor. Read the Immigration Quebec website and answer the PEI for you to evaluate your chance to migrate to Quebec AND THEN register to the OIIQ. If you know any other fellow nurses that are under this arrangement or agreement please inform them about the Quebec Selection Certificate for Quebec Skilled Workers. I could only just imagine the heartbreak that this can cause to other nurses if they (and most probably will) fail to become a registered nurse in Quebec and come home to the Philippines with a massive amount of debt from immigration lawyers and banks.

    Good luck!
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    i have no idea regarding this quebec selection certificate. anyway thank you for your time to reply. are you also waiting for your decision letter from OIIQ?
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    No. I'll apply to the OIIQ later when I move to Montreal in March or April.
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    I'd be really working on perfecting my written and spoken French. Quebec's government will show you no mercy.
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    I've heard exactly the same thing from my cousin. I'm studying everyday on my French right now. I think I'm actually devoting more time on studying the language rather than worrying about my nursing skills as of the moment. Thanks for the warning though.