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  1. I got in from work today to find my ebd and all my things on my windowledge were wet through... I rang my land lord/ accomadation office, and they said they'll coem to mend the window tomorrow.

    Which isn't ideal... so any how I start trying to salvage my work, and stripping my bed etc, when I suddenly think I am at work tomorrow, so I need to know when they'll be comming so I can beg and plead to change to an early or a late.

    The woman yelled and screamed at me, because they didn't have a key! she really upset me, and said I was violating the health and safety act by them not having a copy of my room key... however I got my key off of them, now surely it makes sense to for them to realise this and to keep a copy? by now the woman is shouting at me, asking why i can't understand that they don't have a key??

    The b***h made me cry, it was the last straw after a a bad day, i just had to go and get a copy of my key to post in their night drop box so they will come tomorrow, although the receptionist now said they might not be able to come tomorrow!

    I am going to post my care after 1700, when the cow should have gone home..... I am so mad, and really upset by it, all my things are damaged, and my room is damp, and as the bed won't fit anywhere else in my room I'll probably end up sleeping on the couch... yet I feel like I did something wrong?

    I don't think I did, did I?
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  3. by   karenG
    you did nothing wrong. I might have made a spare key but only 'cos I lose keys and it would handy if a friend had it! can you not claim any of the damages on insurance?

    sorry to hear this has happened.

  4. by   Whisper
    I have a spare key, bt I don't trust my self with only one a friend has it, so I had to get another one for them....

    My insurance, said they will cover the some damages but the bed, and the window are covered on my landlords insurance I was jst so upset... but that has been replaced by anger now... I have lost HOURS worth of work, all my research notes, with references for the best eveidence based acre for treating venous leg ulcers, some info on body image and even a case report study on TURP, and a bit ofinfromation on dressing amptutations!!

    I did the research at the libary as it was when I was without the net, so I can't even use my history files... but I am not going to cry again, I am just going to sit here eat this bar of chocolate, and then start to research it all again...