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Hi, I have a quick question for those of you who are currently studying for the RN exam in June in Toronto. Do you know of any prep classes? Or study groups available.? Any advice as to how to... Read More

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    Hi, Thanks to you. Ill surely keep that in mind (all the time).I know its true and Nursing really is a Vocation.. THanks again. its a great help.Take Care
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    When you are taking the CRNE, pick the nicest reply/response when in doubt. The answers will be very obvious to you. I believe the CRNE is mainly based on personality of a caring nurse. My nursing instructor once told me that "skills, patho, lab results etc can be learned through the course of my nursing career but a caring personality can not be taught by anyone. Therefore, a caring personality out weighs the patho/skills etc.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi, Thanks to you. Ill surely keep that in mind (all the time).I know its true and Nursing really is a Vocation.. THanks again. its a great help.Take Care
    I really didn't think that the answers on the CRNE were obvious at all. There were some that were, but others they all sounded as if they could be right. I thought that the comprehensive review of nursing was great but a bit much to study. The study guide and the cd were the best.To each his own!
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    May I ask you again what book specifically and How about the short answer questions? Is it hard. You think CRNE prep guide and Mosby Comprehensive review of Canadian Nursing is enough. Please bear with me, my anxiety increases as the exam date is approaching. Thanks again!
    The short answers can be tricky, but there are several right answers and you will still get credit for them. They want precise answers, no complete sentences. The study guide is great for those. Take your time, and do not read too much into them. Trust your first instinct.
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    hi.. i was just wondering, you mentioned about the red book? may i know what its all about and where can i get it from. thanks
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    in my opinion, studying for the Canadian Registered Nurses Exam (CRNE) is a joke! most of my classmates studied the last week before our test date and we all passed...most of it are pyschosocial questions, so it's a good idea to remember your "self & others" courses from nursing school.....and just basic nursing care...

    if you have the red book, just study from that....that's all you can really the practice questions until you have memorized all of the answers! it's not really an effective way to study, but unfortunately there aren't many study guides out there that can prepare you for this exam....and the practice test from the red book is basically what you will see on the CRNE.....thats what all of my classmates and i did to prepare...

    sorry i don't know much about the new short answer format questions, because i took my exam last august...thank god!

    good luck to you!
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    hi? anyone who knows about the redbook mentioned by luilui_604. Ill be taking CRNE on the 12th and i dont know if i can make it, had a hard time picking answers for the mosby's. Pls pray for all of us who will be taking the exams then. thanks!!
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