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  1. I am applying for initial registration from AU. My nurse education was from China. I am thinking that Nurses Board of State may ask me to take some bridging courses. Did anybody take this kinds of course before? Is that hard and intense? I would like to get more information about the course.
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  3. by   sofia*26
    hi txx119 .. I have not taken yet the bridging course as i am still waiting for my offer from the hospital in Australia to take the program. However, from the infos i have gathered with regards to taking the bridging program, overseas educated nurses whose first language is not english will be advised to take it. It ranges from 3-6 months, depending on the course provider. It involves theoretical and clinical placement in a hospital.. The bridging program in Queensland, called as the CAS, may be taken by challenging the four modules or through taking up the educational modules. With regards to other States, if i'm not mistaken the bridging program is just basically the same , it just depends on the length of the course. . hope this helps
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    Thank you so much. I just wonder how hard the course will be. Is the percentage of passing low?
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    hi.. i was told that the program is not that difficult if one has a work experience already. Though the program itself comprises of theoretical and clinical placement, one must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the clinical part since preceptors' evaluation are always final.. In my friend's BP batch, all of them were able to pass their course and have gained registration
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    Sofia:Thank you so much. I feel more confident now. I hope that I can get letter from Nurses Board soon. If you don't mind, we can keep in touch.
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    hi I hope to answer to my question
    what about the on-line master degree?
    Is it a good choice to get a master degree by on-line program from US university
    I am a Bulgarian nurse with bachelor degree and I would like to work as RN in USA
    now I"m applying for licensure in Illinois state,prepare documents with cgfns
    that"s why I hope the on line master degree will be the best version to get a job as a nurse in USA
    many thanks
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    Quote from txx119
    Sofia:Thank you so much. I feel more confident now. I hope that I can get letter from Nurses Board soon. If you don't mind, we can keep in touch.

    sure anytime, glad to be of help ... Goodluck in your application and God Bless! :wink2:
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    I don't know why my email address that I gave you disappeared.
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    hi i just sent you a private message..

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    Sofia:I am sorry that I am new and did not know the rule. Thanks for telling me. I applied for WA and Victoria. I hope one of them will approve my application. How about you? Where are you from?
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    it's ok don't worry .. i applied at WA and has received the assessment letter already. I'm just waiting now for the result of my application at HPH if i would be given a slot for the september run. Results would be given at mid to late july so i'm really praying hard to be given an offer from the hospital.

    By the way, i was able to receive your email.

    God Bless!
  14. by   txx119
    that great. We are almost on same boat. I am still waiting for letter from WA. You are earlier than me. I thought HPH is my preference because the tuition is the cheapest. What kind of visa are you going to apply? Shall we apply for visa after getting a offer from HPH?