a US trained RN wants move to Canada

  1. I am an RN in the US but because of my opt is ending I cannot work any longer in here. There is no green card available for RNs for now and nobody knows when they are gonna be available. So I feel not welcomed here. I want to immigrate to canada as a skilled immigrant. according to point system i have 61 points i need to have 67 points to be a skilled immigrant but if i have a job offer from canada i will gain 10 more points which will bring my points to 71. my questions are

    does anyone knows a canadian lawyer who takes RNs from the US ?
    What do i need to do in order to get licensure in Canada?
    How do i find a job in canada?
    is it possible to have phone interview ?
    How much do i need for the whole process?

    Thank you very much

    if things don't work out for canada i will go back to school which i really dont want to do this year.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You really should be doing this because you want to do it not because of retrogression in the US. You need to decide where you want to live and apply to the province and meet their requirements. Once you meet their requirements you will get the OK to sit CRNE which is done 3 times a year. Much has been written already about what you need to do so suggest a read in this forum
  4. by   suzanne4
    Bigger thing that you need to be aware of, it will depend on what degree that you got in the US as many of the provinces there are requiring the BSN for initial licensure. And they do not make exceptions to that rule. RPNs in Ontario, which is the same as the LPN in the US, requires a two year degree there for that.

    And as another thought, you are not going to be able to go directly to Canada from the US as a landed immigrant, their version of our green card. Suggest that you do much more reading before making any decisions.

    And you should be picking Canada because you truly wish to work there, not because there are not any visas for the US available. That does not give you points with them at all.