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  1. just dropped by actually to know how this thing works...

    nways, goodmorning/goodevening to all specially those who are avid users of this site...as i could see it is really a very interesting and informative site...it took me time to post something cause i was confused on how to do it...obviously im not well-versed with computer stuffs...and today only i succeed in being able to post finally....heheh...

    for those who will to find this question with sense, i thank you in advance ... i know its been questioned a lot already but still i want to ask if its ok to take the nclex without having my philippine license yet...I graduated last october and be taking my board exam this coming saturday and sunday (mildly anxious now whew!!! )...........hopefully i will make it!!! im gonna try my very best! ....but if worse comes to worst and im not gonna make it, i would like to ask if i can have equal chance to take nclex exam...i ask this because most probably my fiance visa will be granted next year...it will be in florida state so i wonder if my BSN degree will be enough for me to be given equal chance to take the nclex...

    thank you in advance for those who can share their thoughts.... , for the readers as well, thank you also for taking time to read this...

    god bless you all and blessing of good health to you and your family always!!!
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    Hi. I will move your question to the International Forum.

    If you don't mind I will also take out the size. You're letters are way too large to read easily. Thanks for understanding.

  4. by   Silverdragon102
    hi and welcome to the site

    Check out this forum as plenty of answers to your questions. this has been asked a few times. Good luck
  5. by   sam's_angel
    yep...i did...thank you for taking ur tym to reply to my post....i appreciate it.. ... have a wonderful and safe day always...god bless you and ur family....
  6. by   sam's_angel
    no problem tweety...heheh...yeah right, it's quite large...sorry about that....god bless!!!