90-490 Days For I-140 Screening

  1. HI,

    I am posting a question for a couple of nurses who are in immigration process. they have been told that the I-140 in the UK is taking much longer now than normal, has anybody else heard this??????? Has anybody else been waiting a long time for the I-140?

    One RN passed NCLEX April and applied then and the other in July. These are both british nurses so wouldn't have been affected by the delay problem earlier in the year faced by the PIC nurses.

    Another question I want to ask-I believe as long as you have te I-140 by 'greencard' interview the rest of the process can be going along seperatly, is my understanding correct.

    Thanks for you help
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  3. by   suzanne4
    No, the I-140 approval is only the beginning, you will not receive the other packets until you have approval. Are they going thru an agency? Do thery know the exact date that their documents were submitted?

    Currently,the time frame is still about six months total, beginning to green card, here in California, though I am sure that it is going to change.

    Remember that the nurse doesn't do the submitting, but it is done by the employer or agency.............things do not always happen when they say.