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If you are a UK trained 1st Level Nurse trained in Adult Nursing (Project 2000) and have made it to the States to work.... Please share with us how you did it. How and with who did you make up the... Read More

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    Quote from Sunbeams
    Thanks so much for the response.

    Can I apply with CGFNS whilst I still have not finished my course of study? I am thinking that I really need to work on getting elective hours in maternity, peds and pscyh but need to know the requirements so I can talk to my personal tutor and course leader about getting in the requirements whilst I am still a student here at Staffordshire Uni. Would this save time and hastle later? They are very helpful here and am sure would help me get it all in if there was a way.

    Does anyone know FOR SURE what the required hours are for peds, psych and OB? I have read so many different figures on here.

    Thanks so much
    It would definately be less hassle if you can get sorted with your uni whilst still training. I know I had 150 hours 75 theory and 75 hours practicle for mental health, mother and child as I was lucky to do paeds in my initial training (I was enrolled nurse converting to RN) It does depend on each individual BON on what their requirements are. Also has to be acredited and cover both theory aswell as practical

    Where are you hoping on going? I went with NY BON and had no problems
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    Thanks for that. I have contacted WA state boards for their requirements. That is where I am hoping to practice. My sister lives there (not yet a citizen).