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I applied for IL but I live in alaska

they are very strict here in CA when it comes to assessing the application for inernational graduates

Hi. I am waiting for my CES report from cgfns right now. Would you be able to tell me how long it takes to get the report? My "ready for review" status on the cgfns website was posted on August 17. Hipe to hear back from you. By the way, I am also going to to apply to IL.


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I know. I almost applied for CA and changed my mind the last minute. Thanks to the CGFNS people for they allowed me to switch my correspondent before finalizing my report. Good luck fellows!!


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they are very strict here in CA when it comes to assessing the application for inernational graduates

That's because our own CHED, PRC and PNA failed us all in understanding the CA BRN policy that was written since 1987 and the three agencies just kept on loading up the schools with nearly impossible time frame to get the cases and clinicals done in the same exact semester of the class work.

The lowering of the delivery cases (not a requirement in any of the US schools/colleges) from previous years of 5-5-5 to 3-3-3 still didn't work.

The real blame belongs with the leadership or the lack of from the three various PH agencies who really don't need to keep up with the US standards (CA especially) since their real concerns is what's good for the Phils nurses but for those staying in the Phils, but even that has not worked since there's over several 100,000's of unemployed PH nurses.

There's no way the PH agencies will abolish the current delivery cases system as the PH hospitals needs all the free and unpaid assistance they can get from the nursing students.


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Question regarding bvnpt ca process...


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My LVN application timeline:

April 28 - Sent the application (everything: yellow form, application forms, school records, etc)

May 11 - BVNPT cashed out my check

July 1 - Received the eligibility letter

Now, I'm still reviewing, cuz I'm not ready yet to take the exam. Maybe next month. Hehe.

May i ask, what application did you fill out for your seat for the bvnpt exam in ca? Requirements from international bsn program? Specific details of the process, if you will... Just like you ca is my home and i would like to take the lvn route. Your thoughts are very much appreciated! Thanks. Btw, how were your test results? Hope all goes well for you. Best of luck to you.


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Btw, this site should encourage and support... We should be thankful that some international nurses are given the chance to take the nclex. Regardless of the issues some fortunate and misfortunate in taking the nclex, be happy that there are opportunities for the international student. All that happened within the last few years is a mess and frustration to many international graduates, but always think that posting things that seem to be helping others can also do the opposite. We know the issues, but im beginning to question whether this site is good for certain topics that get blown out of proportion with thoughts that may be throwing people under the bus and digging a deeper hole, causing more and more hurdles and hoops to jump through simply because of frustration. From what ive read, theres some careless posts, and im surprised people dont call out the poster. But its just insane and well always ask why oh why is the rambling the same. What we learned? New students: well just take med surg/ob lecture with clinical cases falling within medsurg/ob dates ... International graduates go back to take units on med surg and ob at accreditted college. (Wait list) then take the nclex anywhere. Thats about it. Its up to you to pursue.

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