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I'm still in high school (Year 11 this year), and I've decided to study "Health Services Assistance" at TAFE. The list of things we study are available here (page 2).

I was wondering what the international equivalent of this would be? It would let me earn money while I am studying Nursing; and this course gives me credit points for when I become an RN. It also allows me to become an RN, without relying on my marks.



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What do you mean by "international equivalent"? You will have to be more specific with a country etc as they are all different. I doubt there will be any particular equivalent although most countries have unlicensed carers. It's even a painful process to show equivalency of RN training.

I was wondering what I would be called in somewhere like America when I have finished. Would it be something like this?

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Working as a nurse assistant, carer etc may be an option but a lot will depend on which country you are doing your RN training and whether your student visa, if required, allows you to work whilst studying.

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You would have to do your training in the US to be classified as "certified" NA I believe. There are no visa categories for unlicensed nurse aides though.

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