International associate degree holder who pass le NCLEX-RN


Hi there,

I am an associate degree older from Africa and going through the proces with New York for first licensing. I have a fou year experience in general nursing.

If anyone there with an associate degree from outside the USA pass the BON requiements and then pass the NCLEX-RN?

I would appreciate any similiar experience because when I read almost all the postings in this forum, they speak just about BSN holder.



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All has to do with hours and BON which means transcripts will be reviewed and they will make a decision based on result. If you are short of hours then they will need to be made up in a recognised school of nursing

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Your training need to have the required clinical and theory hours to meet the requirements for licensure in the US. It is not as much the title of the degree but also that the RN that you have in your country is considered first level RN there, and that there is not one above it for basic training. This is what they go on when they grant approval to sit for the exam.

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