Internal transfer help?

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I am a new nurse, I have been working on my first unit for a little over a year now. I have been considering applying for a different unit at my same hospital. I am wondering what the best way to go about this is? Do I tell my manager before I apply? Do I wait to say anything unless I get an interview? Will my managers be notified immediately? So many questions lol!

My plan was to tell my manager and then apply, but I'd hate to anger them or "burn a bridge" and then not even get called in for in interview.

Any advice is truly appreciated!

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It can't hurt to tell them as they will find out anyway. Usually, (except in union facilities) the manager must approve transfers. It may help if you frame the transfer in the context of career goals (for example I want to go to CRNA school and this requires ICU experience or I want to work as a travel nurse and this is most feasible with ER/ICU experience). Most reasonable people want to assist others in fulfilling their goals and ambitions. If all else fails you may have to look to other facilities if transferring internally proves problematic.

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Are there any open positions on the unit you want to go to? I would keep checking (does HR post them?) and when there is, then put in for it.