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I'm in my summer OB class, and reading the book about fetal monitoring. In the book, it has an image showing the attachment of a spiral electrode to the scalp, but it stops short of saying just how the spiral electrode remains attached. It leads me to believe that it is basically screwed in to the presenting part. Can someone tell me more about this? What effect does it have on the fetus? Thank you.

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It's screwed in like a corkscrew, 2 or 3 turns worth. You never want to mistakenly pull on that wire.

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The electrode ends in a sharp wire that is formed into a spiral. Technically, it is"screwed into the scalp" but I prefer to not use that terminology. When it is placed, it penetrates under the scalp only a mm or two.

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I agree with NurseNora. In addition to that, most babies would either get a small laceration due to to electrode placement but very minimal. We usually treat it with Polysporin ointment application.

I have screwed one in to my palm for demonstration purposes for parents apprehensive about allowing us to place the FSE. Completely painless, no blood, no laceration, although some times there is a small pin prick on babies head sometimes.

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