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Intermountain cutting doc pay as COVID-19 impacts service lines

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Think this will be the time in history that the value of NURSING CARE in keeping patients alive will be recognized. The need for Hospitalist's and Attending Physicians rather than surgeon specialists will change medical school practices to.

Due to financial strain on most hospitals, wages will be cut in the future especially for Senior Management in order to keep hospital doors open.

Entire health care system is being upended. The practice of keeping medical supply stock at low levels "we can ship in within 2 days" led to current PPE crisis. I'm sure medications/IV fluids also short supply. not being discussed. Yet alone need for quadrupled respiratory ventilator circuit tubing as patients are on vent average 3 weeks instead of just few days with some vented patients. Karen

Intermountain cutting doc pay as COVID-19 impacts service lines


Intermountain Healthcare is cutting physician pay and reviewing shift assignments as it braces for the financial toll of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We all know that we're in a dynamic and challenging environment with this pandemic," Dr. Mark Briesacher, Intermountain's senior vice president and chief physician executive, said in a video obtained by Modern Healthcare. "And we're mindful of the personal impact on everyone, especially the thousands of physicians and caregivers whose daily work has been postponed, canceled or seen a decline. This is a critical time for physicians to be flexible to the changing conditions created by COVID-19."



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