Intermittent traveling ? (vs continuous assignments)


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Does anyone do travelling intermittently or have a job that allows it? I am interested in doing assignments a few times a year OR looking for a job that allows built-in travel from time to time. My SO has a career that doesn't really allow him to be mobile, and I wouldn't want to be away for more than a few months at a time.

Do folks usually go for an out of area assignment and then find assignments near "home" until they want to travel out of area again?

My background is mainly psych, and the past 1.5 years doing outpatient/clinic floating

Also have done psych case management, case management at clinic, and health/wellness teaching/programming w/the mental health population

i would like to travel mainly doing outpatient, and found a handful of positions/contracts in the areas I'm interested in, but probably couldn't find enough positions that guarantee me being in my "home" area between other assignments.



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Psych is a small specialty with a corresponding small amount of travel assignments. Plenty enough to work as much as you want, but perhaps not enough to work when you wish in your local area. Think about per diem at home to fill such gaps. Or simply enjoy not working.

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If your husband has good benefits, I would start PRN jobs at home before you even start traveling. That way you can have work when you're between assignments. I also suggest more than one company just to make sure you cover your bases. Just see what the PRN requirements are and how flexible they are. This is my plan but I also plan to travel just within my state so I can always drive home for a couple days and work if needed.


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I kept my PRN job at home. Only downfall is you are usually committed to X # of shifts per pay period or month. I don't travel far and stay within a few hours of my home so it's not too bad for me, but if you are traveling wide and far it might be a bit hard to pull off.


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It is sometimes possible to negotiate with hospitals to fill your commitment on an annual basis. That is pretty cool for a traveler that wants a good amount of time at home. Often a win for the hospital as well, or at least the unit mananger.