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Interim Permit Issue


I am feeling very sad right now. I completed the nursing school with BSN. However, one of the general education classes (not related to nursing)that I took in summer 2005, the teacher mistakenkly turned my grade under a different student ID. Now the problem is that on the trascript there is grade missing for one of the classes.My question is, Do the BRN issue the IP depending on the requirements of nursing school. I have already completed the nursing school. Because some of the classes the BSN students take the associate students never have to take them, yet the are able to to take the IP permit. Please advise. ALso, what is the fastest way to get an IP because I am starting my job in FEB 1st. Thank you very much! I will apperciate everyone's advise on this matter.

The board is the one to make a decision on that. They are the ones that are doing the issuing. When are you planning on taking the NCLEX exam?

The BON is interested in your specific nursing classes, not the others as far as determining who is eligible for a license, that is what it comes down to, not whether you qualify for the interim permit. Whether you have the equivalent of a BSN, or the ADN, the nursing requirements are the same for licensure as an RN. Same exam is taken.

I would be more concerned with getting the actual NCLEX done and passed.


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I'm confused. Why doesn't the school just correct your transcript? This should not be so difficult. If they can't fix it, I don't see how the board will decide to give it to you. You weren't in an ADN program so you're not an ADN. You would be an incomplete BSN. I would keeping going up the chain of command at your school until the problem is resolved. Didn't you fill out a degree audit for graduation? The problem should have showed up then. I thought that was a standard in all colleges.

Given they fix you're problem. February 1st should be enough time to get this straightened out. Also, usually the first 1-2 weeks you're in class/orientation and not in paitent care areas. I didn't have my permit until my third day on the floor. I just wasn't able to do anything beyond what a nurse assisstant can do. So I did a lot of observation. My preceptor allowed me to assess and she charted (verifying my assessment of course).

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