Interested in SICU after graduation, what should I concern myself with?

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I'm currently a nursing student, and I'm striving to become a CRNA. How should I prepare myself for the SICU? What kind of situatons will I be involved in? What should be my concerns? In addition,what should be my strong points personally, for example, communication. And what should I focus on educationally, to be a strong member of the SICU? If there are Any RN's with experience in this field..or any professionals with information on my questions, I would highly appreciate your help. Thank you.


After three years of doing what you are facing, I can say with confidence that you should above all be yourself.

Know your strengths and be very aware of the areas you need to improve in. You should always be inquisitive and possess a strong desire to learn. Confidence is a plus, but only when you know your limits. Always, Always ask questions, I worry more about the nurses that never ask, than I do about the ones that come to me frequently.

My personal path is as follows

Decided to become a CRNA

Went to a BSN Program (tried to spend as much time as possible in the ICU's of whichever hospital my clinicals were in.)

Passed ACLS


One year in a CCU

1.5 years in a SICU level one trauma center and burn center Obtained CCRN

ACLS instructor

1 year charge of SICU in level one trauma center and burn center

Currently interviewing for fall admission to CRNA programs

As you can see, it is very possible to come straight out of school and pursue a career with the intent to become a CRNA. It just takes drive and ambition.

Good luck


Just put your mind to learning as much as you can. Take any classes that you can wherever you obtain a job. If you decide to stay in your area I'd suggest taking a job at MetroHealth, University Hosp. or CCF. You have several great choices in your area.

Try to get into a critical care internship at one of the hospitals, then you should be guaranteed critical care classes. Try to learn the basics first, it can be overwhelming at first, but it will all come with time. Also find a good resource person. You should seek out someone who is motivated to teach new RNs, not someone who is burnt out on the job.

Hope this helps; if you have any other questions feel free to email me. [email protected]

I am also interested in becoming a CRNA and ICU nursing seems very appealing to me (I'm currently in an accelerated BSN program and I also have a B.S. in biology). What can I do to make myself a successful applicant to an ICU? My main question is, should I take an ACLS class before I apply for a job or should I wait until I am hired? I'm in Philadelphia, what hospitals have the best ICU's? I really really want to go to an ICU right after graduation so any help you could give me would be great!!

emerald come on over to the CRNA forum and read all about it.


I have worked in a Level 1 trauma center SICU for 1 year as an RN and 1year before that in school as a tech.

I agree 1000% that you need to get as many experiences as possible to build up your confidence but don't be too confident. I work with a nurse who is very confident although her skill level is average at best. If something strange is going on with your patient, try to talk with other nurses and doctors about it instead of thinking you know the answers. Also, don't be afraid to ask stupid questions-otherwise you may never know the answers!

Try to get experience with vasopressors, vents, and really critical pts because these will (probably) help most with your future goal of CRNA

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