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We are the Breakthrough to Nursing Directors at San Francisco State University and our purpose is to help mentor and connect pre-nursing students before, during and after they apply to nursing school. As a previous San Francisco State University student and a transfer both of us have been in your position before; therefore we want to help reduce the stress and confusion that comes with being a pre-nursing student.

Some of our current goals are to become more connected with the pre-nursing community through events with current nursing students and pre-nursing students as well as to better serve as mentors for the pre-nursing population. We have created a Facebook group that you are welcome to join and share with anyone else you may know who is also interested in nursing at SFSU. The Facebook group is available for you to post questions and concerns you may have, as well as a space for us to post information you may want to know about the application process as well as any events we may plan. The Facebook link is provided below.

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KUDOS!!! A Nursing Program that 'gets it'. We here at AN sometimes feel as though we're shouting into the wind when we respond to pre- or student issues with "contact the nursing program" and the students tell us that they can't get an answer or can't figure out how to make the connection.

Well Done You!


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Yay! So glad somebody is here to help. Thank you so much. Does your help here and on facebook also apply to the SFSU Canada Sequoia program? I have questions about my application to that program. Thanks again.