Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!


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Interested in Moving to Fairbanks.  NICU nurse w/BSN and 25 years of experience.  Interested in hearing what I can expect.. besides the weather etc.  Staff to Patient ratios..  Should I pursue a travel position or should I just take the plunge and move?  One of the listings I read, offered transitional housing assistance, and a sign-on bonus.  What, exactly, is "transitional housing," and what assistance is offered?  Is the licensing process difficult?  Currently working in a Compact state with renewal due in April of this year.  I know that AK isn't a compact state but, at least I am a current license holder...  Just really eager to make this move but I want the low-down, on what I can expect from the hospital.. and what an hourly rate for somebody with my experience would look like.. that is, if they would even consider hiring me.  Ageism is alive and well in my current state.  Hoping Alaska doesn't follow suit...