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Got BSN in 94...Interested in medical/nursing issues and civil litigation. Instead of pursuing Masters in Nursing, I got into a Graduate Pathology Program at a med center. Finish this semester. Will be a forensic analyst/examiner. Also offered work as pathologist assistant. It's a very different career track from nursing.


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Wow that is interesting. I am a student right now working towards an ADN, but I have a huge interest in forensics. I would like to know about your new career path if you have time to spare.


Hi Momto2boys

Actually I was working for these lawyers reviewing medical records....including some nursing issue cases...I was in my first semester of Nursing grad school (taking statistics) and they asked..."are going to learn more about disease processes and trauma and if so will you learn from a nursing perspective or medical perspective? It made me think. The answer was whatever I learned about injuries/disease etc. would be from nursing professors. SO...I dropped out of nursing school and applied to the Graduate Pathology Program which was being offered at the medical school next door to the nursing school. Now realize that pathology is strictly the study of diseases in humans, the causes, the pathogenisis, the etiology, the study of the morphologic changes induced in tissues, cells and the clinical consequences of these changes. None of the courses I took had anything to do with nursing and all were taught by physicians (mostly pathologists). I have been offered work as a pathologist assistant and the lawyers seem very pleased also. It is unfortunate however that I have to work off my pathology degree and not my nursing degree. Therefore although I renew my nursing license, I cannot sign RN. The State Board of Nursing advises that I potentially deal with issues that take my work and duties outside the scope of nursing practice. So I am a forensic analyst but NOT a forensic nurse... Of course I don't paid as a nurse either...Look up salary levels for physician assistant compared to nursing. The lawyers now give me autopsy and pathology reports to interpret and pure medical issues to research and investigate. I am not saying that grad. patho is better than grad. nursing...just very different course of learning for example I spend on average 20 hours a week looking into a microscope at histopathology.


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Your new career still seems very interesting. I actually found a forensic job that paid less than for a "grad nurse". I think I am going to keep working on my ADN and then maybe go back to school and contuniue my dream of forensics.

I am so addicted to those Forensic shows....Discovery channel, TLC and Court TV :)

Good luck to you


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is the pay comp. to NP?

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That is intereting. I am torn between getting my BSN or just going all out and going to med schoo, I would like to work in the Medical Examiners office. I have 2 kids and a husband and I am 29 years old and I dont know if I can do it or not (medical school that is..) I might be too old anymore, but it is my dream job.



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My long term goal is forensic nursing....I am very interested in being a forensic nurse investigator. I am having a hard time finding programs for this type of nursing, any suggestions on schools offering this or where to look???


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One school that offers it (well that last I knew) is Fitchburg State College, in Mass.


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Anyone interested in Forensic Nursing should contact the Emergency Nurses Association in their state. Most offer S.A.N.E.(Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) training programs. Look for a good course. They are usually five days long. You learn how to collect evidence, how to examine victims, how to be a witness in court cases etc. It is a very challenging field. These training programs are a good way to decide if you are really interested in Forensic Nursing. Also try the IAFN (International Association of Forensic Nurses) website for more information.

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