interested in DNP but where to start?


Hi gang, long time lurker, just registered and ready for experienced guidance.

So I have recently decided to pursue an advanced degree specifically a DNP degree in a FNP track so that I have the most options. I have varied interests including ICU/ER, peds, surgery so it is difficult to narrow down DNP track options. That being set aside, does anyone know of a good tool to sift through the 100s of programs nationally? Something that allows me to filter out certain aspects that I am not interested in.

Things for me to consider:

-I am not interested in total online programs (does not suit my personality).

-I have a BSN and a full year of nursing exp (med/surg, card, ortho, trauma) and want a BSN to DNP program as this is the where the field is heading and am not interested in having to come back to school 3 yrs down the road to get a DNP from a MSN.

-I want a program that assists in helping students arrange preceptors (I dont agree in giving a school $50+k and than having to arrange my own preceptor(s))

-Affordability is important but not everything as I am a Veteran and have options available to me to offset program costs IF the program is worth the costs

I think that's the most important things to me. I appreciate your help in this. I have read tons of threads here but i've yet to find a good way to sift through the programs other than just visiting each website one by one (ugh).


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Not a single response, fun.


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thanks so much, I did not know this existed.


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No problem. Good luck!


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Also check discover

They have a way to sift through schools.