Integrated Monitoring Module for L&D

Fetal monitoring is an integral part of the L&D unit. GE has developed a new module that captures more information and improving care.


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We all know how difficult and chaotic it can sometimes get in L&D. To help you provide quality service and care in these situations, GE has developed and expanded on their software modules.

The Centricity Perinatal-Connect module integrates perinatal info within the context of other clinical data and its all on one screen!

Fetal strips are available via the web which allows access via a tablet or other remote device provided you have internet access. You can view, comment, and review annotations inside or outside the hospital.

This module connects fetal strip analytics and provides automated analysis of fetal heart rate patterns. It supports your real time pattern recognition and analysis at the bedside and presents visual cues when waveform patterns indicate issues that might need clinical interventions.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Decreased delivery time due to decreased charting time
  • Fewer errors
  • Transparency among members of the team
  • Single point of entry
  • Enhances staff efficiency and satisfaction
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