Instant Hesi results!?!?!?!


I took my Hesi earlier today and when I got home I had an email saying that it had been scored. I still have to wait for the official results from my college I guess but it says that I got 96% on math and 89% on reading comprehension. I'm usually much better at English than math but I think I focused on math when I studied and I didn't even look at reading comprehension. That's okay, I'm please with my results. It said that the class average was 86% on both so that makes me feel better about getting in.


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I scored slightly lower on reading than math, and like you, I am much better at reading/English than math. Frankly, I thought the reading portion was just a bad exam. I found a mispelled word even. Answers were not clear cut and you could argue more than one correct answer. Congrats on your good score!

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