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Hello, I am going to start soon on a med/surg - telemetry unit. I have limited hospital experience and have been out of nursing for about 6 years (I'm an RN). How should one approach this? The "teach me, teach me" stance or "What can I do for you?" I don't want to be a "burden" on the unit - I'd like to go in offering help much help could I be? I do need clinical help, refreshing, etc...that's why I have a preceptor. But the old saying, "Be a blessing, not a burden"...comes to mind. I want to help them not drain from them...know what I mean? Please email replies to [email protected]

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Why not just come out and tell them exactly what you need to learn? Tell them that you want to get better with NG tube insertions, IV starts or whatever skills you feel need sharpening and tell ALL of them this so that they will seek you out to do these things when they arise. I think that it goes over better when you actively seek out new learning experiences from them and it tells them that you are willing to get in there and learn.

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