INOVA salary for staff or PRN RN's..


I am going to be moving back to the DC area and wanted to know if anyone could offer any insight into INOVA's pay scale. I am an OB nurse with 4+ years of experience. I am intersted in either working at INOVA Alexandria or FairOaks.


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All I can say for certain is that last year, new nurses made $25/hour. Not sure what they do if they hire you in at the RN 2 level, which is the level at which most RNs are hired.


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Base prn rate at Inova is about 35$, not counting shift differential. I have no idea what they pay to RN 2 for full- or part- time job.


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I'm moving to the DC area in May, and have 2 interviews set up for the NICU and peds heme/onc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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