Initial NRP fast approaching!!! EEK!


Hi all! I have my initial NRP Nov. 12, and I am terrified. :uhoh3: I have been working in the NICU since late June-early July (still on orientation). I get off orientation in a few short weeks. It's not that I don't know the stuff (and I plan to study like crazy the next couple of days too)--I just get so nervous taking those kind of tests. We had these kind of things in nursing school too where we had to perform the skill (as a test) for our instructor. These always made me way more nervous than actually doing the skill in a clinical situation. I don't know why. I'm just afraid that my nerves are going to cause me to fail this. I know we have class all day and go through it over and over it before actually testing on it, but I even get nervous practicing with the instructors watching (we had a small pre-NRP practice class with one of the instructors, who is also one of our unit NNPs). They say no one ever fails, but I am just so stressed out about it! i'm just hoping someone will have some words of wisdom and/or encouragement for me! Thanks in advance!

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I took NRP last month and didn't think it was that bad. Just remember everything starts with respiratory first. At least thats what they stressed in my class. Also knowing you are never alone during a situation is good too.


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NFB, don't be terrified. I just took the NRP 10/30 and I have never stepped foot in a NICU. I want to be a NICU nurse and thought this would help me get an edge, along with taking STABLE. I didn't read the book beforehand, have never seen ANY of the techniques or code situations before this class, and the only nursing experience I had is a week in pedi psych. I passed the written test and Megacode with flying colors. You will do FINE.

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It is really not that hard. They go through the steps overandoverandover so that by the time you get to the megacode you pretty much know it by heart. Nobody ever fails. It's in everybody's best interest that you pass, so they do everything they can to help you do that. :)


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Well, it was never that I thought it was hard. I just get nervous in those situations where you have to fake do something for a test. Anyway, I read the book before and felt a lot better after that. I took it Wednesday and passed!!!


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Hi! I'm taking NRP next week...I didn't finish reading the book yet, but I was just wondering if the questions on the written test are like the ones in the review at the end of each chapter? Can anyone tell me how many questions there are on the test?

Any information would help!


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