NS for IV starts

  1. I've been reading in this forum about using NS instead of Lidocaine for IV starts. I mentioned this to my D.O.N. and she suggested I find some literature on it. I haven't a clue where to go to gather actual facts/studies on this.

    Are there any suggestions, links, or actual studies that any of you may know of and be willing to share?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Why would you use NS instead of lido? Placebo effect?

    If that is the case, that isn't ethical. Otherwise if you have a legitimate reason for using NS instead of lido - maybe I'm not understanding this??
  4. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I actually have seen something on this in my reading. I don't see how it would work, but I do remember there wasn't any mention of it being a placebo effect.
  5. by   CritterLover
    Quote from traumarus
    why would you use ns instead of lido? placebo effect?

    if that is the case, that isn't ethical. otherwise if you have a legitimate reason for using ns instead of lido - maybe i'm not understanding this??

    [font="comic sans ms"]the benzyl alcohol in bacteriostatic saline has numbing properties. it is not as good as lidocaine, but will work. i tell people it "takes the edge off." i've even used it in place of lidocaine for picc placements in patients that say they are allergic to lidocaine, with surprisingly (to me) positive results.

    i recently read on the "lidocaine for piv starts" thread in the crna forum that plain ns will work as well, that it is the "stretching" of the skin that occurs when you make the id wheal that causes a loss of sensation. haven't tried this yet, but probably will if my boss oks it.

    the advantange is that the ns doesn't burn nearly as much as the (unbuffered) lido does, and i can't get permission to use buffered lido where i work.
  6. by   PICC ACE
    As others have noted,it's actually bacteriostatic saline you'd use. What I've noticed is that they are about equal in efficacy,but that the effects of the Lido last longer than the bacteriostatic saline. IOW you need to do your stick quite shortly after making the wheal with the BSS or there is less and less benefit.
  7. by   nursebuxom
    I've used NS and buffered lido for starts, more importantly, I've had starts on my own veins both ways. The NS doesn't sting like the lido and it does numb the insertion site very well.

    I've also used NS wheals on either side of a roly poly vein to hold it in place with good results.

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