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  1. What types of mediports are being used out there? I work in oncology infusion and we started using power ports that are compatable with Ct machines that inject the dye. We had numerous problems with them. We now are requesting smart ports on our reqs. Would appriciate feedback.
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  3. by   iluvivt
    I personally prefer BARD ports but before and perhaps in addition to changing products I would recommend that you take a long look at nursing care practices. You need to make certain that your flushing protocols are consistent with current recommendations and secondly that nursing care is delivered consistently. It has been a constant struggle for our IV team to get the nurses to follow our protocols. You also have to make certain that patients are getting their ports flushed at least once a month as ports will always function better with routine care. Is the problem you had with access or with obtaining a consistent blood return or something else.? You always need to look at all factors,not just the product,unless you are 100 percent sure it is the product.
  4. by   schlemj
    We have protocols that are followed consistantly, also before we use a specific product we have inservices as well as ongoing communication with the rep. Over the past 18 years of oncology nursing ( in wich ports are the main type of catheter we use) I have never experienced so many problems. The things wev'e seen are difficulty getting blood (even after pos change, flushing, etc) difficulty accessing. The issues are happening early on too. We have used more cathflo than I ever had to use in the past. This is what we have experienced with the bard power ports, not the traditional ports. We always flush with 20 cc after blood draws followed by 5cc hep/saline-nothing smaller than a 10cc syringe. We also have our patients come in every month for flushing if their ports aren't being used.
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  5. by   ChristineN
    I see a great deal of Mediports and Powerports on the medical floor I work on. My floor has no complaints whatsoever about the Powerports, as far as nursing care and needs go, they function the same as a Mediplort. I haven't had any worse problems. All of our pts are supposed to be reaccessed once a month in clinic, are reaccessed every week when in the hospital. and we all ways flush with 10cc saline/3cc heparin Sorry to hear your floor is having such a touch go with them, but I love them!!