Entering the world of infusion nursing

  1. I am interested in infusion nursing as something that I might want to branch out into. (I'm exploring a few specialties now but infusion has been an interest of mine). I am still a new nurse, 1 year of experience on a telemetry and stroke unit. Although it doesn't have the official name to it, our unit is also utilized as the ICU stepdown. When I was hired the hospital had just cut its IV team so floor nurses were starting do place IVs. I learned right from the beginning and even though I'm a newer nurse I am one of the people they count on to get a hard stick before it has to be escalated.

    What pathways would you recommend if I wanted to work on an IV team or work placing PICCs? Originally I never thought I'd have an interest in this line of nursing but as I do more research here and with other resources I realize how in depth it is and how much there is to learn and that sparks my interest. Of all my nursing tasks, IVs are at the top of the list of what I enjoy doing the most.

    Any guidance that an infusion RN or PICC RN can give to me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   iluvivt
    First of all you must know that the speciality of infusion involves more than just getting catheters into veins.Granted, that is a big part of it (my favorite part) but you must know all the theory and evidence of why we do what we do.If I were you I would join INS and purchase their text and the 2016 infusion standards of practiceand start reading.As you read the standards and learn them check your institutions policies to make certain they are good.This is what I did...I taught myself but used a different text .I used Ada Plumber ...Principles and Practice of IV Therapy.You may want to start with that one...it's easier to get through If you have passion for the subject matter you will find the learning process enjoyable. Then start applying what you learned.and see if you like it.Do this first.
  4. by   DowntheRiver
    I work in Oncology in the Blood Draw area. All I do all day is start IVs for Infusion and Radiology, access ports, draw blood, and PICC/Central Line Dressing changes. Oncology patients notoriously have bad veins and/or limited options; we do all this without a vein finder or ultrasound at my location because it is not in our budget to have one currently. We (maybe) turn one patient away a month because we are unable to get access.

    My point is if you want a challenge Oncology infusion might be your best bet...
  5. by   Santigrn
    Vascular Access Test!! any one can remember give me points what came out of your test? I just wanna have an idea of what type of questions do I need to expect out of it. Thank You
  6. by   IVRUS
    CRNI Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions booklet can be purchased on the Infusion Nursing Society Website.
  7. by   maggsivrn
    Definitely get the Study Guide and Practice Questions. You also should know the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice. It is an intense test and I would recommend studying 6 months to a year ahead. Intensive Study.