BD Insyte Autoguard IV help!

  1. I am experienced with the BD Saf-T Intima and have never had to secure an IV that is not winged and is not a closed system! I try to occlude the catheter, but find blood dribbling out when I go to attach the j-loop (extension set). I've tried to do the chevron, but it sticks so badly to my gloves!!! HELP
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  3. by   akulahawkRN
    Don't forget to break the hub free by rotating it...

    In any event, you want to tamponade the vein right at the tip of the cath. This keeps blood from coming out the hub too quickly. When you remove the needle, press the button, put the assembly in a sharps container, grab your primed extension set and attach it to the hub. If you're a little speedy, you can get the extension set attached with minimal (one or two drops at most) blood loss. Securing the cath then becomes a relatively easy exercise.

    It's actually easier to do than to explain.

    Here's a link to a movie on BD's site about using the device.
  4. by   iluvivt
    have your extension tubing ready to go and primed and make it easy to reach...then you must occlude the insyte at the if you have an inch catheter put two or 3 fingers an inch from the insertion site. I often see nurses trying to occlude it at the insertion site. Most nurses tell me they have to press a bit harder than they thought it would need..... while you are practicing have a 2x 2 open and ready and before you activate the button to shield the needle slide it under the hub to catch any drips.