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I will be graduating this May and I am very Interested in being a NNP. Can someone please tell me the steps to obtaining my goal. It is obviously very hard finding a school that has that program.

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Are you graduating as an RN? First would recommend working in a NICU to get the experience. Most of the programs that I know of require at least two years work experience before beginning the program. Start working first and make sure that is what you really want to do. Then you would start a MSN program leading to a NNP certification.


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I have been working in the NICU (straight out of nursing school) since August of 2002. I just started the NNP program at the Univ of MD. Contact the graduate school that have NNP programs for information.

Here is a good website to start your search and email requests for information.

Good Luck!!!! :balloons:

PS - you will need to take your GRE

Get a job at a university hospital with an NNP program. They'll help you foot the bill if you work for them a couple of years.

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