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Hi. My name is Ashley, im turning 16 years old and im interested in becoming a labor and delivery nurse. Could someone please give me some information on how much schooling i'll need, what courses.. ect? I planned to get my LPN at a 2 year program at my local community college, but I know that wont be enough. I wanted to know where I should go from there? I know its a long way off, but this is something I really want to do, and like to have a plan. Could someone also tell me the main points of the job? What it intails? (sp?) Thank you in advance :)

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Hi Ashley,

First of all, do you know that you can get your RN in just two years at a tech school instead of wasting time on your LPN. I did not know that when I was in H.S. and so went the full 4 years and am now kind of regretting it. Associate Degree (2yrs) nurses have the same jobs as Bachelor Degree (4 yrs) nurses except for administration. They also make the same wages. Nursing entails a lot and it is dependent upon what kind of nurse you want to be. There are usually long hours on your feet and it is physically and emotionally demanding, but at the same time very emotionally rewarding and satisfying.

It helped me tremendously to become a nursing assistant first. It was only a 3 month program through a local nursing home. I did it the summer between H.S. and college and it really helped me with my courses as well as got me more comfortable in the hospital environment and earned some money in school.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me.



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I suggest before you jump into it, you shadow some nurses first. And I dont' mean for a day or two...but several shifts. REALLY realy, see with your own eyes if this is TRULY what you want to do...and then start going to universities and colleges and learning what their pre-requisite courses are for nursing. Begin to get those knocked out BEFORE you apply for nursing school, or your chances of getting in to nursing school will be near zero.

I agree, don't go for LPN; not because LPNs are not GREAT nurses. They ARE. But most places will NOT hire LPN's in labor/delivery, only RN's.

Best wishes!


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As you are still in high school, I would suggest that if you decide you are realy interested in nursing (and I think it's great that you are) that that you consider getting your BSN. Although most of us RN's make the same wages regardless, you will be better off if you get the BSN while you're going for the nursing anyway. That way, if you ever decide on a Masters, you don;t ahve to jump through stupid hoops to get there.

I was a school teacher and returned many years later and got my RN. I have a non-nursing Bachelor's degree and as far as nursing is concerned it's as if I don't have the college degree at all. That's basically why I didn't bother finishing my Masters. They wanted me to take these really stupid undergrad courses before I could go on and I already have good nursing knowledge. It would have been easy to get my Masters had I had a BSN first.

I don't regret what I have done at all, but if I were in your shoes now I would certainly go for the BSN at the beginning.

I agree about the LPN stuff. It's a dead end. Don't waste your time. If you want to work as a certified nurse's aide while you're in school, go for your CNA certificate. Most places require that of their aides and techs.

Good luck!:)

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